Dr. Dennise Stewart

From a young age, there was always a tug on my heart to help others with my life.  One of the ways that calling has been fulfilled is through becoming a chiropractor. I am passionate about helping families live their best lives by providing thoughtful and integrative care.  Whether it is helping pregnant women have the best delivery possible, treating children with sports injuries or getting to the root of that chronic back pain—my hearts desire is to help!

I am very happily married to my best friend, Bart, and we have two active soccer loving children that keep us on our toes!  Most of our free time is spent cheering on our kids around the county, spending time with our church family or seeing the latest movie that has our interest.

Thank you for considering our office for your health care.  It would be an honor to be a trusted part of helping you live your best life!

Patient Testimonials

  • Dr. Bilson worked on me today. I waited too long and knew I would have to be brave to get through the appointment. He makes you very comfortable and does what he has to do. I trust him because so many have recommended him and he seeks to educate me about my condition, treatment and home care. Now if I would just take it easy at boot camp and other training, I wouldn’t have to frequent his office so often. So glad he’s there because I have no time for painkillers and surgery, if I need either he will let me know!

    Jennifer A.

  • I went to see this gentleman today to help him with his signs for his door. NEVER did I dream he’d fix my longstanding case of tendonitis right then and there…5 minutes tops…and I was one happy camper!! I told him if I was not there experiencing it, I would not have believed it! He is obviously an expert, and I do seriously encourage you to pay him a visit. Makes me sick to think of the money I’ve wasted going to a therapist who did me NO good whatsoever. Thank you Eric Bilson!!!

    Susie M.

  • This chiropractor is simply the best. He bases what he does on your input. He listens. And a pleasure to work with. Highly recommend.

    Fredrick W

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