“Dr. Bilson is extremely knowledgeable with a gentle bed-side manner. I am a disabled individual and Dr. Bilson is the only professional who has provided pain relief for me without using drugs or enduring surgery that wouldn’t cure my situation anyway. I highly recommend Dr. Bilson at Buford Chiropractic for the WHOLE FAMILY!”
– Kaz R.

“Fantastic experience. Eric is very professional and passionate about his craft. I felt better after my first visit!”
– Dan L.

“Walked in and was fortunate to be able to get an appt. Fitted in to adjust a kink in my neck. Left feeling much better immediately. Highly recommend this Chiro Dr.”
– JR T.

“Please tell Dr. Bilson that he is amazing. I survived my big race (40m bike, 12m kayak, half marathon) and hamstring did not give me issues. In fact I won overall and set a new course record. I owe a lot of that to him because a couple of weeks ago I couldn’t run at all!”
– Scott M.

“This chiropractor is simply the best. He bases what he does on your input. He listens. And a pleasure to work with. Highly recommend.”
– Fredrick W.

“At 33 weeks pregnant, by OBGYN told me a C-section would be highly likely but I refused to have a C-section due to a transverse positioned baby. I called Dr. Bilson and he got me in right away. I had an ultrasound a few days prior which confirmed the transverse position. Had a wonderful and gentle adjustment, and baby started moving around right away. At my next ultrasound a few days later, baby was turned head down and ready to go. Chiropractic treatment really works, and Dr. Bilson is great. I can’t thank him enough for helping get me ready for delivery.”
– KM

“Dr. Bilson worked on me today. I waited too long and knew I would have to be brave to get through the appointment. He makes you very comfortable and does what he has to do. I trust him because so many have recommended him and he seeks to educate me about my condition, treatment and home care. Now if I would just take it easy at boot camp and other training, I wouldn’t have to frequent his office so often. So glad he’s there because I have no time for painkillers and surgery, if I need either he will let me know!”
– Jennifer A.

“I went to see this gentleman today to help him with his signs for his door. NEVER did I dream he’d fix my longstanding case of tendonitis right then and there…5 minutes tops…and I was one happy camper!! I told him if I was not there experiencing it, I would not have believed it! He is obviously an expert, and I do seriously encourage you to pay him a visit. Makes me sick to think of the money I’ve wasted going to a therapist who did me NO good whatsoever. Thank you Eric Bilson!!!”
– Susie M.

“Severe back pain led me to try chiropractic therapy. I looked for a doctor near my residence, and Buford Chiropractic was the closest.

Dr. Bilson was prompt and a good listener. After hearing my problems, he explained what he thought the problem –– and solution –– was, and then began addressing the problem with hands on therapy. As he worked, my spine sounded like a bowl of Rice Krispies.

What was remarkable about this session was a difference in how I felt after the appointment. Doctor Bilson’s regimen of technique worked faster and more effectively than any pain relieving drug I had ever taken. More importantly, the effect of his therapy did not wear off. I had a follow-up appointment two days later with some additional manual therapy. While I have not rid myself of all pain and discomfort, there was substantial and almost instant improvement.

I would highly recommend Dr. Bilson. He knows his stuff; he is articulate about what he is doing and why, and he provided me some exercises I could perform myself that would reduce my problem. All in all, a positive experience.”
– Dave M